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The treasure bundled on Mother Ghana’s back

A few days spent in Africa are not enough for us to understand it. Time is different, rhythms are different. The days become sultry, almost insurmountable. The minutes seem eternal. In the tormenting heat, what gives you a comfort is the craving of the local people to shout you. No matter how. Involuntarily you become their center of attention – “How are you?” – someone constantly asks you, – “How are you?” –  you try to answer, clouded by the heat, trying to find answers, while they carry merchandise of all kinds like camels under the burning sun. They look like walking markets.
You, slow, dazed, wait for a bus, endless hours waiting for it until it is full. You always see a hand sweeping close to your eyes, a belt, watches, soap to wash clothes, and finally always local food. Colonies and colonies of bacterias that are not known to our organisms. These Organisms that would soon become ruins, bent by stabbings, colics, and finally by cramps. Everything that is raw is prohibited. No fruit, no vegetables, nothing that is not cooked. Nothing that does not have a skin to protect it, nothing that has come into contact with bacterias, like a knife or like a skin of fruit or vegetables. They say that African bacterias are the most dangerous, they already devastate us in the Moroccan deserts.
But how to explain it? How to make it understood? All that they are giving us, for us it is a poison.
A girl looks at you, she could have your age, and for no reason you feel a guilt in you. That same guilt, that an executioner must feel, that guilt of somebody who is not aware of making suffer somebody else only because stupidly he him-selves believes to be the lucky one. To be so only due to the fact of being somewhere else.
She, on her part, without malice, turns just enough to show you her treasure; small, very small, bundled up in a towel on the back. And then you look at them, bathed in sweat, wet to the marrow, and again, under the weight of life: – “How are you?” – you hint a smile – “Fine, thanks. And you? “-
And far away you see them disappearing, like camels in the desert.

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