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Mosquitoes as lions and mosquitoes as tigers

“Mosquitoes as lions and mosquitoes as tigers”.  
A sentence written in an old book that has remained in my memory. I think about it, while I have a splitting headache. The head … an element so essential and yet so little used by our body.
Here, however, it’s different, you learn that nothing is going to be wasted, nothing is going to be thrown. So your head enjoys the same importance as your legs. I would spend hours observing the people carrying everything on their heads.
Today we went far away from the capital, looking for an original and wild Ghana. The taxi driver obviously put our suitcase on his head and we have arrived at the bus station. Busy buses crowds, screams, Joshua lost among cars. The bus tricks us, making us get on board even though it would not leave. We are already three hours late. Ghana works like that, do not rely on your watch, do not rely on time.
Basically there are no points of reference. If there exists a corner in the world where to escape the time, it is definitely Africa.
The second bus finally moves and we are leaving the capital. We come closer to a forest, where there is a female school. We haven’t eaten anything so fare and we are thirsty, but we enter anyway. At the entrance, a huge statue recalls the main duty of that place: discipline.
According to them, the woman can become strong and independent only keeping the strict discipline. Getting up at four o’clock to clean the school and to queue for the bathroom. Then to finish the lessons at 9 pm and to go to the bed. You do not study only, here, you work too. Because only through yours hands and the appropriation of one’s body, one can become aware of himself and his own situation.
We are still hungry and we take a bus that will take us to another community.
The journey takes place in a total darkness.
Africa has won already my heart due to its primordial essence. The prevailing feeling of us, Europeans, when we see these lands, is the sense of guilt. We were those ones who have exploited this continent, depleting its every possible wealth.
The wealth thanks to which today’s world is what it is, but .. should a man feel guilty for the mistakes of his ancestors? After all, I am here, trying to give my contribution, to thank this land that gives me so much. No matter what has happened in the past, what matters is that what I want to do now. Do not act for guilt written in your DNA, act for the humanity.
The sun attracts me, the songs invites me, it’s time for a walk.

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