About Us

La Giraffa is a dream, project and journey that we have determined and that we have decided to share with you.
La Giraffa is not just a path, but also a lifestyle. It is a tendency towards something higher. It is A lengthening towards something that does not belong to you yet, but that once could be yours.
La Giraffa is what we want to become, a peaceful animal, a beautiful animal, an animal that takes care of its community.
When we created La Giraffa, we immediately understood that it must be something which makes a difference, that it should help us to help others. And for this reason, with La Giraffa we left for the world, that world that too many times we turn to the other side not to see it.
La Giraffa is that pedestal that will allow us to peek in those realities that in another way we couldn’t see.
La Giraffa is Pita. La Giraffa is Viola.
We are graduated in Cinematography at the University of Cinema in Buenos Aires. Already during the studies however something was not convincing us. Studying the Lumiere brothers, studying Hollywood, studying modern cinema, we began to really feel the power that the filming has had on our society. Did the United States really win the Cold war thanks to Hollywood? Is the American dream really something we all hope for because of the films?
We have therefore realized that perhaps we were not on the right track. What did we want to do? To Enter in this industry where the only films to be seen are those that create these ideas inside of us?
We became suddenly desperate, trying to understand … maybe we were wrong and we had  to completely change our way and rather dedicate ourselves to something else?
No, we realized that the same weapon could be used the other way around.
If the cinema and photography are so powerful sleeping pills, they could also wake us up? Photography can also tell, tell stories of people from other worlds. The videos can make us see something we were ignoring. A picture can explain to us an information that the newspapers want to hide.
So we left for a journey around the world to look for people who had something to scream, people who only a few listen to because they are too busy to see anything else.
We do not know yet where our trips will take us, but we definitely know that all these stories will always travel with us.
La Giraffa is Pita. La Giraffa is Viola. La Giraffa are you too